Design + Build

Design + Build with Ascent Homes

Our Design + Build approach means we handle every aspect of your project, down to the smallest detail. Our team, composed of meticulously selected designers, architects, project managers, and construction experts, manage everything from initial project feasibility to the finishing touches of your interior selections.

Our clients benefit from a seamlessly integrated team, ensuring alignment on total costs, feasibility, and design aesthetics from the outset. This cohesive approach creates an enjoyable and stress-free experience, making your journey to a custom home as enjoyable as the home itself.


The earlier we begin working with you, the more time we have to create an enjoyable and personalized experience. We listen to your needs and wishes and work collaboratively to set the high-level plan that meets your vision and budget. If you’ve found us before finding your Architect or Designer, we can recommend some of our trusted partners based on the style and location of your home.


By including Ascent Homes early on, we can use our expertise to further customize your home. We believe that the smoothest projects are those where most details are chosen and discussed before breaking ground. From selecting wall finishes to placing floor outlets, early decisions help create a pleasant and streamlined experience and allow for the most accurate estimate.


Each project at Ascent Homes is unique. Every home we build is distinct, capturing the combined expertise of our entire team. Building a completely custom home means making it truly yours. During the build, we work with you to create solutions for unforeseen issues or to overcome any product/manufacturing delays. We take pride in incorporating special details, to create a home that is personalized and beautiful.

At Ascent Homes, we are dedicated to making your dream home a reality, combining our expertise with your vision for a truly unique build experience and stunning home.

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